Baby Computer Piano

Download Baby Computer Piano

If you are skeptical of letting your child sit in your lap when surfing the net, then Baby Computer Piano could be the solution to your problem. Baby Computer Piano will transform your keyboard into a kids-friendly zone where when you are busy surfing the net your kid can remaining on your lap and play the piano. This will ensure that when your child taps the keys, your key board will not send out commands like print or delete by mistake. Baby Computer Piano is easy to install and equally easy to enable and disable. You will be free to surf the net with the help of your mouse, and your kid will be entertained with this real sounding piano.

Baby Computer Piano may not win points for being a very advanced or complicated program, but it surely gets the work done, that is making sure that you can enjoy having your kid on your lap and surf the net at the same time. There is nothing complicated about Baby Computer Piano, starting with the installation and ending with the disabling. You can simply press Ctrl and Delete, and the program gets disables. The idea of Baby Computer Piano is very original, and the soft music of the piano is not grating to bear even when a baby plays it with no piano skills.

There is also a selection of tunes that can be preset that will keep your child entertained and engaged, or your child could try and imitate the tune. The only downside to Baby Computer Piano is that it gets translated into the language that you are using on your computer. In case of you are not using just English, then this could pose as a problem as the translations provided are not really that good to speak of. All in all, this is a good program.