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All The Right Type is a fun filled educational software intended for the purpose of improving and analyzing the typing capacity of the user. This is one of the best applications you can gift to your children to ensure that they have a easy life with their key board. The applications virtual campus is set in an island with many building blocks, each building having a particular educational purpose. There is a testing center where the children use the letters they have learned to type words, sentences, and paragraphs. As a parent, you can look at the results of your child’s ability from the reports providing details such as accuracy percentage, words typed per minute, error per finger, and overall error rate.

There are different type of modules including skill learning, typing tests, and repetitive drills. These modules help you to understand what your children have mastered and where they need to improve. One of the distinctive features available in this application is the mouse movement exercise, which is not to be found in similar such tools. This exercise will be very helpful for your kid as they first start with the computers. The different buildings cover different learning materials such as lesson, practice, skill building, testing, and record library.

This application comes with a detailed set up wizard which helps the user to neatly install it. The user interface is designed in a simpler manner and there has been good planning in the design of the main menu. Even kids can easily navigate from one module to another. There are two editions of this application: the Home edition and the School edition. The Home edition has a simple user manual which could have been little more elaborate. The graphics could have been much more improved and made attractive. Though the design of the application is done well, the contents can still be improved and we wish there could be many more drills and lessons.

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