Download ABC Spelling Games and Math Games

ABC Spelling Games and Math Games is a beautifully designed and developed software of spelling and math games, along with very flexible quizzes. This games software allows the user to form their own spelling list and prepare quizzes, which they feel most suited to their children. The major advantage of this application is that the content is not fixed, but can be decided by the user keeping in mind their children who will be playing the games.

The major design of this tool is with the focus of making learning an adventure. The application has some inherent characters built in for making learning an interesting topic with lots of fun. The interactive characters of Genie, Peedy, and Merlin talk in such a way that your children will love to play this game and learn more. The application allows for input of names of your children and talking to them through these names. Just imagine how good your children will feel when these soft characters ask questions to your children by calling out their names. The tool provides you the flexibility to create your own spelling list and math list all according to the level and capability of your children. The surprise package is that it also guides the parents to create history, geography, and many other subject quizzes.

The application uses a powerful text to speech engine that provides the important functionality of this application. All those questions and quizzes you type as input are read out by the three characters in beautiful voice everyone loves. The one feature that makes this application unique among several other such applications is that the games are tailored to meet your child’s capability and interest. This application transforms the manner in which your children will look at home works. Lately, this product has been used by many teachers and they find it easy to attract the children towards their class work. There is a free trial version available and once satisfied; this product is offered for a nominal price. This application runs on all Microsoft OS systems requiring very minimum RAM. It even runs on systems with 128 MB ram!

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