Download 100 Candy Balls 3D for PC Windows

100 Candy Balls 3D for PC Windows is an extremely entertaining game, which will keep any android user occupied for hundreds of hours without losing its charm. The best thing about this game is that it is exceedingly easy to start but can be quite difficult to master fully. Thus, anyone can start playing it but will need determination to become the champ, which is bound to keep the interested going.

100 Candy Balls 3D for PC Windows requires the players to strategize and come up with candies having delicious new tastes. Players start as an owner of a candy shop who needs to take candy balls from the top vessel, and then collect those candy balls in the magic bowl. The assembly line transports the candy ball back to the top vessel but with a refined taste. However, players need to strategize properly to ensure that they do not run out of candy balls because then it will be game over for them. They must also ensure that each bowl carry something to the top or it will crush into pieces.

The amazing 3D graphics of this game combines with an enchanting sound effects to produce a truly memorable experience. Get it today from bluestack emulator.

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