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Available as a free to try software application; Team Fortress 2 is a Massive Multi player Online (MMO) FPS game that is based on team-based warfare. This tool is, basically, graphics and cartoon animation based gaming application that claims to offer interesting visuals created in 3D. The game as such is the sequel to the original game by the same name, which was considered as one of the most popular action games among game enthusiasts of this genre. This gaming application promises to offer its users regular updates, including newer game modes, advanced equipments, more maps, and hats. A class-based game, the utility comes with a wide range of classes that offer its own distinctive skill levels, tactical abilities, and personalities.

Some of the more popular character among these are the room-clearing Heavy, flame-throwing Pyro, and the master of disguise – the Spy. You can also opt for other classes, including Engineer, Scout, Medic, Sniper, Soldier, or Demoman. For beginners, the application is also integrated with a detailed training manual and practice mode that is intended to help you get acquainted with the skill sets required to play this game. This gaming tool has been designed and published by Valve and can be implemented in various Windows based platforms such as Windows 7, XP, and Vista versions. Some of the popular gaming modes made available in this tool are Control Point, Capture the Flag, Arena, Payload, King of the Hill, etc.

The tool also offers the option to create your weapons and accessories using the Crafting system, or discover them using the game’s Item Drop system, or simply procure them from the Mann Co. Store, a proprietary purchasing system. You can play the entire game without purchasing anything at all, if you have enough skill sets to sail through the various levels and procure weapons based on your achievements. There are also special benefits for premium account users by way of special weapons, more space in backpack, and enhanced crafting and trading capabilities. If you are looking for a team based multiplayer game that gives opportunity for executing warfare combat, this gaming application claims to satisfy your gaming instincts.

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