Serious Sam

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If you enjoy intense, old school bashing up of goons, then Serious Sam is a must play for you. All the techniques used in Serious Sam are those that were so famous in the 90’s, for example, the backpedaling, times melee hits and of course strafing; all this in the glorifying effects of HD.

What is starkly different about Serious Sam and other action games is that most action games adhere to this tactic of finding cover, taking out enemies, finding the next cover and continuing in the same manner. However, in this game, you don’t have any cover to hide behind, though there are vast spaces provided for you to backpedal, so you can tackle your enemies this way. Also, you are strong enough to take them out without a cover.

Huge hoards of monsters will come charging at you and you have to deal with them without a cover, pretty tough, huh? In the beginning the game may seem a little slow, with limited ammunition and the health may seem easy to lose. However, as you progress, you will find impressive weapons at your disposable, and also top explosives that are a lot of fun.

The multiplayer mode of serious Sam is highly developed, letting about 16 players play at the same time, in a team manner. Working cooperatively with other members of the team against multiplying monsters is a real stress buster! The game also allows for a four player split screen option.

Serious Sam isn’t one of those classic military based games with the khakis and the cover laden scene, but its about saving the day in mere jeans and tee. Even though the name says ‘serious’ you will have nothing but oodles of fun playing this game.  You will also get some serious kicks playing the game in an old school manner!