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Reciver is a giant leap for first person shooter games, as they have introduced the factor of realism in it. Reloading would take work, getting shot once might kill you and aiming would be such a pain. With these realistic features Receiver will be the most satisfying FPS experiences. The plot unfolds non-traditionally. There are eleven tapes scattered across a map and each one elaborates a plot. Since it is easy to die in Receiver and since the level is randomly generated each time, the cassette tapes don’t come in a set order. Expect to die a lot in Receiver because a single bullet will cost your life, and you will have to start from the beginning.

Enemies come only in two types, stationary turrets and flying taser robots. Both the enemies can be taken down with a single well placed bullet. The game ends only when the player has retrieved all eleven tapes in one go. This is the most challenging part about Receiver as it takes a great deal of practice and determination to complete the game. In the beginning of the game, you are given with one of the three pistols and some ammo, and also a flashlight which runs out of battery quite often. It is very important to know how to use each of the pistols as their behavior is different.

Reloading pistols is very realistic, with buttons dedicated to each and every step in the length procedure. And you better count your shots when you shoot, otherwise you will have to peak into your barrel over and over gain to check how many bullets are left. The game is so realistic that it sometimes frightens you and sometimes makes you scream for mercy. Receiver was made in a week by a group of talent people, and it is one of the most gratifying experiences in first-person shooting games.

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