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If you have been a fan of the classic game Doom, then prBoom is a more modified and tweaked version of the game that is out there to entertain you and also help you relive the memories of your beloved game. prBoom is an open source game that can be played cross-platform.

What makes prBoom such a huge success is the fact that the game has adapted all the markers of a truly modern and upgraded game which has upgraded controls and a much better multi-player mode. There are a series of other features that have been added to prBoom, and some of them are re-record, walkcam, variable game speed, high resolution graphics, and also very keen and descriptive graphics that are bound to impress and enthrall.

If you are a hardcore Doom fan, then prBoom will be a walk down memory lane. However, the game does take considerable time in order to configure and start playing, but it is definitely worth it. The added dimensions and the features of the game make it s real treat for fans of action games and is bound to be addictive. The downside to the game is that the set up process is lengthy and also the levels of the game have to be downloaded separately from the site.



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