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If you want to play the role of a tough career criminal, then PAYDAY: The Heist will give you an insight into how that could be. PAYDAY: The Heist is very action packed and the level of intensity in the game will leave you gasping for breath. There is also a lot of tension in the game that makes it really challenging to play. there are 6 different and comprehensive missions that you get to play in PAYDAY: The Heist. The game is compatible with Windows 7.

Each of the missions that you get to play in the game are unique and they have features that will lead to alteration in the game play depending on your choices. There is a 4-player co-op that you could play and this adds a level of thrill to the game that you may never have experienced before. There are a series of weapons in the game that are very cool to use, and each of them has a different feature to help you out. You will have a choice between anything ranging from rifles, to sub-machine guns to shotguns and more. there is not specific plot in PAYDAY: The Heist, and most of the missions revolve around obtaining something or the other from different people.

There are some classic challenges and situations in PAYDAY: The Heist that makes it such an amazing game to play. if you wish to experience a classic bank robbery or a car heist, then PAYDAY: The Heist is the game for you. The graphics of the game are pretty good when it comes to detailing, but not spectacular. PAYDAY: The Heist has a lot of violence and requires some level of maturity and so the game is not recommended for younger players. The replay value of the game is very high and that is the main selling point of PAYDAY: The Heist.



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