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Imagine you are a part of the World War 1, but there is a catch, there are supernatural powers around you! NecroVisioN is a first person shooter game that is set in the period of the World War 2, and also has a number of superpowers that you can use in the game to your liking. The game has an interesting game play that features you as an American soldier who has been captured by the Germans, but before they could kill you something goes wrong and you are stranded on a landscape that has seen destruction and there are dead people everywhere.

The catch in NecroVisioN is that there are others who have the supernatural powers as well, and things get interesting when you meet the first opponent who can turn the dead around you into flesh eating zombies that are coming to get you! There are also a number of evil spirits in NecroVisioN that keep things interesting and challenging at the same time. NecroVisioN is very atmospheric and this makes the game very appealing to play for action fans. The graphics in the game are pretty complicated and high end and this means that you will need a powerful computer to run them smoothly.

The sound effects in NecroVisioN are quite good and also disturbing, giving the game an eerie feel to it. There is a combination of weapon and combative style action as there will come a time when you are out of bullets and have to get down to melee attacks to rescue yourself. The controls in NecroVisioN are quite simple using the mouse and the keyboard keeping things simple. The scary environment will make your hair rise and give you a spooky feel. All in all, NecroVisioN is a fun yet adventurous and also a scary game to play.

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