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If you enjoy space shooter games then Moon Breakers is the game for you. The game revolves around two pilots who are amongst giant asteroids and have to fight one another in order to win. There are two sides to the teams, one are the government and the other are the pirates. Moon Breakers is a classic role playing game and the game play is the aim is to gain more and more experience so that your skills and abilities keep upgrading.

There is a lot of movement in the game as there are about 32 players in the game, so things are quite busy in the game. Moon Breakers is compatible with Windows 7. Even though the controls of the game are quite simple, it will take some time for you to get used to the game. but once you do get the ropes of the game, then it will truly and amazing experience playing Moon Breakers. There are a series of upgrades in the game and this can be made with real time money, or with the credits that you will earn in the game. gaining the credits will take a bit of a time and so the ships and the upgrades are priced reasonably.

The graphics of Moon Breakers are quite good, and it is easy to pick the enemy ships with the colored trails. Gaining experience is the main moto of the game and this means that no matter how good you may be at the game, you will have to dedicate some quality time in order to amass the experience points you need to gain new ships. The alternative to this is that you can buy the ships with real money. The learning curve in Moon Breakers is quite simple and good, also the 32 multiplayer option makes the game quite hectic and interesting to play.



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