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Mission Against Terror, shortly call as MAT is a 3D, MMO, first person shooter game which is free to play and developed in an Asian background and has lots of old and new mix in its game plan and technology. This game is widely played in China and has traditional game modes like the bombing mode, where one team needs to achieve the target by successfully bombing the place whereas the other team needs to avert the damage.

In this cool game the player has several options to participate in the multiple modes available such as Deathmatch, Bombing mode, The Terminator, Ghost mode, and finally the most innovative of all modes, the Mummy mode. In the Mummy mode the player needs to fight against hordes of Mummies who have the capability to infect Humans among other things. The player is supposed to destroy the multitudes of Mummies to escape infection and finally to score the much needed points. Like many other MMO’s, this game also provides the player the option to customize themselves in to most dangerous and daring players. The Avatar option provides different looks. To have some fun, there is also an option in the game to have some virtualized drinks in the virtual bar.

A player enjoying a shooter game with varieties will certainly have a good time in this MMO, which has some years of technology in its creation. There is an optional tutorial which helps beginners to understand the gaming features and techniques. The simple controls along with the minimal system requirements in terms of memory and hard disk space is a mentionable feature of this application. There are basic features available, many years back, and it too has the latest MMO’s attributes incorporated in it in a seamless manner. Anyhow the quality graphics is not of great standard. The availability of just handful of weapons, fewer maps and the buggy gameplan may disappoint many of the young gamers of today. All the same, those loving variety in a shooter game will have good fun in MAT, without doubt.

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