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If you have always fantasized about being a secret messenger, then Mirror’s Edge is the game that will allow you to accomplish that without leaving the comfort of your home. Mirror’s Edge is a 3D platform game that allows you to be a courier deliverer, and you also be a secret message deliverer. The character that you play is named Faith, and it is played in a first person perspective. The city that you have to deliver in is designed extensively and the landscapes are beautiful. Each mission is measured in point-to-point delivery, and this will be the tasks that you have to accomplish.

The main aspects that will lead to you being successful in your endeavors are speed and finely times jumps. If you make sure of these aspects, then you will be successful  in your missions. You will have quite some challenges when it comes to mastering these moves and that is what makes Mirror’s Edge such a challenging game to play. the game is pretty unusual, but the unique game play is what makes the game such a huge success. It revolves around Faith’s sister who has been captured for murder, but wrongfully so. The government is not sympathetic and this is what makes Faith all the more driven towards freeing her sister.

The graphics of Mirror’s Edge are really good, and the different gameplay makes the game worth it all. the story is recited in cut scenes format and although it may seem a little odd in the beginning, it is done beautifully. The sound effects of the game are very good, and Mirror’s Edge proves to be a very stylish game to play. the pace of Mirror’s Edge is very fast and you will need some practice in order to keep up with the pace of the game.



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