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Metal Assault is a 2D graphic game developed by GNI soft and available as a massively multiplayer online (MMO) side scrolled shooter game. The game format is very similar to metal slug series that allows a talented player to win over core players of the application in a greatly defined game plan. This tool allows the user to play games in all standard modes available, Player versus Player (PvP ) and Player versus the Environment (PvE). The specialty of this tool is that it also allows the user to play with Zombies; there by defining PvZ category through this application.

The game includes four different characters to choose from: Carl, Burton, Marie, and Al; all of them with unique skills. Once the character is selected, the player is allowed for their favorite customization and then the game begins. The player needs to complete challenging quests and defeat scaring enemies to earn experience points offered by the application. These points help the user to upgrade their licenses ultimately. Depending on the talent of the player, the application allows the user to boost their weapons, skills, and outfits as they flatter the enemy and successfully attack the challenger. The application allows the user to use vehicles for assault and the driving skill of the players is one crucial talent required for success.

The option to challenge a player or an environment and finally with a zombie makes this game more challenging and with lots of spice. There are many factors taken care to ensure that the players seldom get bored. The vehicular violence poses a great challenge to the player and needs some expertise to handle the same. Finally the Zombie zone in the city of HERZ is a frightening challenge which any game player would love. This game application works on Window 2000, Vista, and XP operating systems and requires minimum 512 MB RAM. This is a free to download gaming software worth trying.

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