Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Download Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

If you are looking for an action packed game that has successfully turned the elements of action gaming to its fullest advantage, then Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is the game that you must be looking out for. The game has a lot to offer in terms of game play and tactics to use in order to complete missions in the game. there is a Strogg invasion on planet earth, and it is your aim to fight and defeat these invaders. To help you with your task, you have a number of highly trained soldiers whom you can lead in the mission. You have various classes to choose from and also a series of weapons, all of which have individual characteristics that make that dangerous.

You also have characters in the game that play the role of an engineer or a medic in order to help you with the task, as Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is no game for single-handed heroism. The game can be a little overwhelming as there is a lot of information for you to process in a very short period of time, however there are a series of tips at your disposal that will help you get the grip of the game. also, once you are a part of a fully trained and diverse team you will begin to get the gist of the game.

The graphics and the level of detailing in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is simply marvelous. There are a variety of landscapes, different atmospheric changes, sound effects, and many more such factors that make the game a wholesome action packed experience. You can also pick up any ride or abandoned vehicle you may find and that may include a helicopter. The strategic elements and the sense of realism are what make the game such a big hit. Although, if you do not enjoy teamwork, you may not enjoy playing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.