Descent 3

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Descent 3 is an improvement over its previous versions and re-establishes the series as a force to reckon. The complex maneuverability problems that plagued the original game, can no longer be noticed in Descent 3. The game is a combination of a first person shooter and a space Sim. Descent games have always had a unique gameplay and Descent 3 offers the same.

So, what is the game about? Well, Descent 3 picks up from where Descent 2 had left. The game doesn't really boast of a strong storyline but includes well crafted missions and cutscenes. Descent 3 has 15 single-player levels, each of which would test your skills in various ways. These missions are further broken down and include sub-plots. The game picks up speed when the gamer is rescued from his ship hurtling towards a star. As you delve deep into the game, you would get to operate bizarre machines, find your way through criss-crossing subway tunnels, escape rebel outposts and defend reactors.

Descent 3 would have been a much complex game, had it not included the guidebot. The guidebot would guide you to each of your goals, mark the way with flares and a lot more. It is of immense help for amateurs. The game boasts of decent environment design, realistic flame and smoke effects, good sound effects and background score. All this makes Descent 3 a good game and worth laying hands upon. The power-packed multiplayer mode does justice to the game. The game has enough potential and would indeed appeal to all.