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Dead Zed is an action game that features a great element that might be more or less of a surprise for the player. And if the player goes for a guess, he might be right pretty soon - zombies are the main element of the game that will prove to be a really interesting shooter that allows the character to kill swarms of living dead in order to protect his position and clear everything in his path - it will be a pretty painful job but he has to do it as he is the last resort until further help arrives and they might never come, though.

However, Zed will have to do everything that is possible in order to keep the position safe and for this, he will have to travel through the small town and clear every location from the zombies that might represent a threat. In the beginning there will not be too many of them but as the player progresses through the town it will be more and more difficult to keep the pace and it might become overwhelming. However, Zed does not want to die in this place and he will fight as much as possible in order to get rid of the nasty creatures.

There are a lot of zombies but in order to get rid of these zombies, Zed will also have the opportunity to use different weapons. In the beginning he will only have a pistol but as he goes from a level to another he will be rewarded with better weapons that will kill more zombies in lesser time. These weapons will prove to be really valuable, especially in the end of the game, when tons of zombies will come and attack the church in which Zed found the last refuge against the hordes.

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