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Counter Strike Online is a 3D based gaming application that belongs to the First Person Strategy (FPS) game genre. Designed and developed by Nexon with assistance from Valve; this game is based on the original game of the same name, but with added elements of RPG. The game offers several new gaming modes compared to its earlier versions and also offers newer range of weapons for its players. As you progress in the game, besides obtaining experience you also earn gaming money. This can be used to procure newer and higher grade weapons.

Although this latest version has been designed keeping in mind the interests and requirements of the Asian population, it has been published online for users all over the world. The major attraction for this game is that it does not have IP address restriction, so you can access it from anywhere in the world. The newer version offers the same mechanics and visuals like its predecessors, but it comes with several new MMO elements making it more interesting for fans of this game. If you are interested in MMOFPS genre of games; then this game is worth a try. However, since it was originally designed for the Asian market; there are complaints of latency issues with regards to this online application.

The gaming modes of this application are Detonation, where you defeat terrorists by planting and defusing bombs; Hostage Rescue, where the player has to rescue hostages and defeat the complete team of opponents; Assassination, where the player has to escort VIPs safely and protect them from being assassinated by the terrorists; Team Death Match, where the team that eliminates the most opponent members wins; and the Death Match mode, which is more like a free for all game where the winner is the player who makes the most kills before the time runs out.

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