Counter strike: Global Offensive

Download Counter strike: Global Offensive

If hitting terrorists, rescuing hostages and saving the day are your thing, then counter strike global offensive is the game for you. This game isn’t exactly a sequel to the previou game, but on the other hand it is a modified and ungraded version. This game can be played on both Windows and Mac.

The underlying idea of this game is to beat terrorist and rescuing the hostages, this is done via two teams, the terrorists and the counter terrorists. The fights occur over a series of maps. This is more of a kill based game, as it has no experience points. There is also the factor of permanent death, so if you happened to die, then you will have to stay out until the next game starts. This however proves to be an advantage as it gives the player a greater motivation to stay alive and thus ensures being a highly addictive game.

The classic maps used in the game prove to be an advantage as then the players have the advantage. If you are a new player, you are bound to experience lots of early deaths. However, in the mean time you can watch other experienced players play the game and hone your skills by picking up tactics that they implement when playing the game, and also learn the maps in detail and put it to practice when you play next. Another advantage of this game is that even though it is a tough game, you will not feel outnumbered by other players having more experience points than you, which tends to happen in a lot of other action games.

Though the game may seem taxing and tough in the start, if you really put yourself to it, this game will help improve your skills in a rewarding manner.