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Carveola Incident is an interesting game in which the player will have the possibility to shoot down zombies in order to defend the location in which they are trapped. It seems that the action of the game takes place somewhere in the First World War, because of the weapons and the armors that are used, for example. However, this should not be a problem - it should actually be an interesting thing to get through as the player will also be able to experience some different weapons that were available back in that time and he will enjoy them all.

Carveola is a location of the war and here, some vicious battles have made a lot of victims that were buried in the place where they died. These dead people are now coming back but in a changed form - they are zombies and they are coming to take down the survivors as they feel that these soldiers are the one to blame for their deaths. However, this is not the case and the survivors will now have to protect themselves against a bigger threat than the former enemies that they met on the battlefield.

However, the player will be able to create a good strategy for himself and for his team in order to keep everyone alive. This should not be too hard, in the beginning, but the things will escalate pretty fast and the player will have to protect the team much better than in the previous levels in order to avoid losing members. There are some unlockables in the game but the player will have to pay attention to the objectives that are required. Overall, the game is much better than other zombie games, because this time the player will be able to use a first person view in order to shoot.

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