Download Call of Dead: Duty Trigger 14 for PC Windows

Call of Dead: Duty Trigger 14 for PC Windows takes you on an epic adventure journey and makes you the last hope for human survival. This is a first person shooter game where you have to fight against a alien invasion, to stop it and protect the area that is depending on you. With epic campaigns in a destroyed city, you get to shoot and kill aliens and conquer over the city to bring it back to the humans.

There is no support in the game, you are all alone by yourself and you have only the deadly weapons by your side to protect yourself from becoming a martyr and to kill the enemies. To add a new side to the story, the humans killed by the alien invasions are not dead, they have turned into zombies, you have to take on these zombies and kill them too. With a good graphics and a wonderful and adventurous storyline, this game can become your best friend.

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