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Step into the world of fantasy and take a break from reality with Bulletstorm. The game is a first person shooter that is packed with mind blowing action and is bound to keep you hooked on to your computer for hours without you realizing it. As soon as you start with the game you find yourself on a planet full of mutants. You have no clue why and neither do the creators of the game. however, there is a lot of fun and entertainment in the game with some creative action sequences that are very graphic and detailed, making them unsuitable for young children.

Bulletstorm also has no shortage when it comes to unusual and creative ways in which you can destroy your enemies. You get to launch your weapons from up in the sky and defeat your enemies. There is an electric whip that enables you to bring your enemies closer to you so that you can have the pleasure of killing them in the most imaginative way possible. There is a vast variety of weapons that you get to use in, Bulletstorm and you might want to save them for when you have to fight end of the level bosses that are the toughest to kill. There is no lack of fun and drama in the game as you have a lot of challenging obstacles to overcome.

Each level in Bulletstorm has been tastefully designed to make you feel like playing the game further and further without a break. The graphics in Bulletstorm are very detailed and at times also groy with all the killing and destruction leading to bloodshed. Bulletstorm is a completely adult game as the players and the enemies tend to swear admirably making the game unsuitable for younger kids. There is ablo combo-based shooting that is the main attractive feature of Bulletstorm. The only downside to Bulletstorm is that it sometimes gets crude.


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