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Blood Frontier is a stunningly futuristic game that has the human race advance towards other planets and make friends with the aliens. For years not the humans and the aliens have been living in harmony and working in collaboration. However, a chance and deadly plague changes this, and years of hard work that has been spent in gaining the balance between different planets is at stake. Your mission is to make sure that the plague is defeated and doesn’t spread further thus ensuring that the humans and the aliens once again return to their peaceful ways.

Blood Frontier is basically a first person shooter game with a simple premise and a very engaging game play. you must locate and defeat the android that has wrecked havoc in the peace and harmony of the solar system. However, in this task of yours you have a series of obstacles that you will have to overcome and challenges that you will have to get past in order to be successful in your missions. There are a number of gaming modes and maps that will help you get about the game and find your targets. You can choose between single and multiplayer options that are open to you.

Blood Frontier has some basic graphics and may not seem as impressive as those other action games that have high-tech graphics and detailing. However, the interesting game play and the unique premise of the game makes it hard not to find the game interesting and addictive. However, once you have defeated the bots, the game may lose some of its appeal, but that is true for most games. The physics of the game are not great, but pretty plausible. The main attraction of Blood Frontier is the multiple gaming modes and the series of maps that you have to explore.

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