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Battlefield Play4Free, as evident from its name, is a well-known, free to use, First Person Shooter (FPS) game that claims to be one of the best game offerings in this genre. This tool is part of the Battlefield FPS Series by these publishers, which includes several gaming options including the Bad Company 2 as part of the gaming package. An online game, you need to create a user account to start playing the game. You can create a login with the publisher for free. All that you need is a browser application and a net connection to get you started in the game. Being a web-based gaming application, you can implement it in almost all platforms.

The tool claims to offer some of the best graphic visualizations in this series of games. It also offers near realistic visual representations making it a worthy competitor for several HD based games. The graphics have gained world-wide attention and appreciation, thanks to their realism and depth. And all this comes free of cost, adding to the overall appeal of the game for enthusiasts of this genre. This gaming utility is, basically, a warfare based game and comprises some of the best warfare series such as the vehicular warfare, sandbox gameplay, and the all-out multi player battles where 32 players can engage in warfare, simultaneously.

This is a product from the house of Electronic Arts and claims to be integrated with a high level of customization mechanism that allows players to gain warfare skills as they progress in the game. Besides learning combat techniques, you will also earn money that you can use to procure a wide range of weapons and equipment for warfare. And these can be used to create your own distinctive soldier with whom you can tackle your enemies. If you are a hardcore FPS gaming enthusiast, then this utility is for you!

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