Armed Assault

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Armed Assault is a military simulation game that has a lot of elements in it that make the game a very successful and fun game to play. there is a combination in the game that involves military conflict on large-scale, and also smaller battles that are associated with close contact. The story line of Armed Assault is very detailed and it will be difficult to not be drawn into it. The enemies in Armed Assault have a very creative and highly detailed artificial intelligence that makes the game so challenging that it seems very realistic.

Armed Assault concentrated on single player gaming and this means that the game has a lot in terms of story and background to it. This also means that the game can be played in a number of ways and each way will be different than the previous ones. This improves the replay value of the game. also, Armed Assault concentrates on the large-scale multiplayer options that are available in the game and make for a very refined gaming and team playing experience. There are more than 30 different and very sturdy weapons that you can attain in the game that make it very gripping.

The environment and the atmosphere of Armed Assault are second to none and makes the game a very thrilling ride as you explore the vast lands. There are also a series of vehicles are your disposal that you can use in the game to make sure that you win. These range from regular cars to boats to helicopters and many more. the graphics in Armed Assault are very good and the sound effects of the game are perfect. You also have a mission editor in the game that allows you to plan and create your own missions and also play them at the same time.