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APB Reloaded is a thrilling fun game of shooting, developed by All points bulletin, an online video company developing products for Microsoft windows platform.  This product was developed by the same brains behind ‘Grant Theft auto’, GTA.  The player needs to decide which faction he will take over between enforcers and criminals for the constant battle which takes place in the modern city of San Paro.  The game is set for one side to complete a series of targets and for the other to prevent them from achieving those targets.  For example, criminals need to rob a convenience store whereas the cops will have to issue an all-time bulletin to prevent the robbery and also to eliminate the criminals. In either case, the succeeding parties will be provided money as prices, which they can use to upgrade their weapons to purchase new ones.

Thrill is induced into the games by some restrictions and rewards.  The city of San Paro consists of three districts, out of which the players are allowed to fight each other in two districts.  The third district is designed to be more of a social component, with lots of infrastructure difficulties, and the players are not allowed to harm each other, even if they are from opposing factions. Both sides of the factions have different levels from 0 to 5, with level 0 having complete freedom for the players with no enemy player dispatched against them.  In Level 5, the player has a bounty attached on their head.  Between these levels, the players are rewarded, with the intensity of the reward going up as they climb the ladder and parallely the challenges increasing all the way.

The software is advanced to synchronize music from our system to the in-game radio available. If the player owns the song, which is being played repeatedly, then this song will be the default ambient music from your player’s car. There are many other exciting features such as these which make the game filled with thrilling experiences of car chases, shooting, and survivals. There is no way anyone may get bored with this challenging game.

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