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Alliance of Valiant Arms commonly known as A.V.A is published by Aeria games and is one among the best MMO available. The game play is set in a fictional war between the Neo Russians and European Union and it is powered by the Unreal 3 engine. This game has one of the best game play interlinked with some of the best graphics available. The quality of the game as well as the expectation of the talent of user is set on high terms. New users will certainly require some time in getting accustomed to the usage of weapons and aiming of the guns.

The planning and design of the game modes is the unique characteristic of A.V.A when compared to other similar games. The most notable games modes are Annihilation, Demolition, Escort, Domination, Free for All, Survival, which is exactly like the suppression mode, and Convoy. Annihilation is a team death match. The team between Neo Russia and EU, whoever scores first 80 or 180 points wins the game. Demolition is same like ‘plant the bomb’ game where EU should plant a C4 bomb and NRF must defuse the same. In Escort, EU should escort a slow moving tank whereas NRF should use Grenades to destroy it. This is the most popular games among the A.V.A game plans. Domination is basically a game deciding the king of the Hill. The team holding the command post for a particular time wins the game. In convoy game plan, the EU team needs to identify and diffuse a nuclear suitcase set by NRF. Eliminating the enemy is also an allowed option in this game plan.

The excellent weapon customization possibilities are a mentionable feature in this game application. The unique achievement systems of medals and the amazing graphical quality are the strength of this application. There are some observations that aiming takes time for all especially new comers. Of course, there is no doubt that a novice to games will have to train a lot to win a game in this application. If the application comes out with more variety of weapons, there will be no more complaints about this wonderful application.

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