Download Escape the terror room for PC windows

Escape the terror room for PC windows is a free android game. You will be locked inside a room, and you will have to come out of it. However, the door does not simply unlock, you have to find out objects that will help the door unlock, and to get the objects you have to solve a puzzle. As soon as you solve the puzzle you will be able to lay your hand on objects which will unlock the room. This will lead you to the next terror room where another puzzle awaits you. Once you solve that you will move out of it and step into the third terror room. You have to unlock a total of five terror rooms all of which have horror themes resonating with famous horror movies. With amazing 3D graphics, famous horror themes, and difficult puzzles it is an absorbing game that will test your nerves to the limit.

Escape the terror room can be played in your PC too by installing BlueStacks app player. You can even access the game through BlueStacks and enjoy Escape the terror room for PC Windows.

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