Download Dinosaur Safari Pro for PC Windows

Dinosaur Safari Pro for PC Windows is a hunting simulation game for android systems. You are on a mission to hunt a variety of dinosaurs including T. Rex and Stegosaurus. Your area of operation spreads over a diverse landscape including dark forests, glaciers, and dense jungles. You will have a lot of firearms at your disposal including sniper rifles and flame throwers, and you can use them from the
beginning of your mission. You need to act fast and have good reflex since the dinosaurs can feel the adrenaline rush in your blood. You have to target them even if they are moving and take aim at them accurately and effectively otherwise they may mow you down. Simple controls, adventurous game play, extremely realistic dinosaurs and amazing graphics makes this one of the most popular hunting games available in android phones and tablets.

To play Dinosaur Safari Pro for PC Windows you need to install BlueStacks app player to emulate the features of android in PC. If you have not downloaded the game yet then download it through BlueStacks and enjoy.

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