Download Wasted Smiley Pinball

Wasted Smiley Pinball is, just as the title of the game says, a pinball game, but you will not play a simple arcade game as you might expect. This game is much more interesting than the classic games. The graphics of this game are simple: they are two dimensional and aside from the classic grey background, the other elements are either a nice shade of yellow or red. The game does not also feature the two classic flippers that are present in other games of this kind.

In Wasted Smiley Pinball you will have to play with four different flippers, each of them placed in one of the four corners of the arena, but this is not designed to make the things more difficult. Actually, having four flippers in this game will make it easier for you to reach for more difficult areas in which it would have been harder in the classic game. There is also a nice bonus in the game, as you will receive 500 bonus points if you manage to lit three different blocks that give you points, and you can do this for more than one time if you are able to, as they will turn off after you receive the points.

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