Download Texas Holdem – Live Poker for PC Windows

Enjoy the real like Texas Holdem poker against actual humans right from your computer with Texas Holdem – Live Poker for PC Windows. With beautiful graphics, easy to play game, friendly players with different level of experience and difficulty, customizable avatars and a completely free to play makes this game a wonderful collection on your computer.

When you first log into the game, you would get 20k of coins and 50 gold pieces to enable you to play. You would also get free coins and gold pieces on the days you play. This free game money lets you play the game as much as you want unless you lose all and you have nothing to put in. You can play challenges in the Master Room to improve your playing ability and also gain medals as your achievements. There are over 400 achievements to unlock and also prove how well you can play and how experienced you are with the game.

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