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Ever heard of Mah-jongg? Well, it is a tile matching game with its origin in China. Shanghai: Dynasty is more of an ambitious take on the same game and is the sixth version in the lineup. It is a feature rich game with plenty of enhancements made in order to make the game all the more interesting than what it already is. The latest version, Shanghai: Dynasty includes a multiplayer game mode, single-player modes, dual player modes and a specially tailored mode meant for the kids.

Shanghai: Dynasty includes a host of game formats in the form of Classic Shanghai, the Dynasty and another intriguing derivative called Pandemonium. In Dynasty, the gamer is pitted against four computer AI and would have to clear his board before the others. In Pandemonium, the rules differ to a certain extent as the game would take place on a single board racing against time. Shanghai: Dynasty includes new crafted tile sets as astrology, Egyptian hieroglyphics, prehistoric, fantasy and many others. The game has good animations and boasts of good music as well. All this turns Shanghai: Dynasty into a good Mah-jongg game.

Well, Shanghai: Dynasty has more to it. The gamers get to create their own tile sets as well. The special template in the BMP folder and MS Paint would help you churn your own set in no time. You may even upload or download custom sets. Hence, Shanghai: Dynasty has established itself as an addictive Mah-jongg game. It has a huge fan following all across the globe and is worth every penny that you shell on the same. It is an impressive take on the old classic game.

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