Download Rawr: Battle Against Corruption

Rawr is a really nice character that a player will enjoy controlling after he gets used to it, especially to its appearance, because Rawr is not  a usual game character. He is not good looking, and he actually looks like a minimized version of Cthulhu, but this should not be a problem for as long as the character itself is good natured. Even if Rawr has to smash, destroy and kill in order to accomplish his objectives, he is a good character and it is quite enjoyable to play along with him in the Battle Against Corruption. Rawr will have to destroy everything that stands in his way if he wants to accomplish his objectives.

In the game, the player will actually have to train Rawr, because he will start as an untrained character and he needs help in order to overcome the difficult beginning. He can be trained with ease if the player knows where to take him and everything will go along naturally, until Rawr will have his first match. There it will be an interesting moment as the player will know if Rawr was trained properly or if he needs something else in order to become better.

There are a lot of different enemies that will be encountered in the mighty arena, where Rawr will have to fight in order to become better and ultimately be crowned champion. However, until this moment there is a lot to do and Rawr will need to focus during each battle in order to win. The graphics are really nice, considering the fact that the game was designed in Flash and every player will enjoy the looks of them, especially during the fights. The controls are pretty simple but there are also a few combos that can be used during a fight.

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