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Papa’s Wingeria is a nice flash game in which the main character will be at the player's choice. In order to start the so-called campaign, he will have the possibility to choose between Chuck and Mandi in order to start the game. Other than that, he is also able to create his own character in order to play with and he will have a certain selection of clothes and faces from which he will be able to choose in order to create the desired image. After this, the game will start and the player will learn the basics that he will have to follow up with throughout the rest of the game.

In this installment of the Papa's series, the player will have to work at the chicken wings stand and he will have to create the best recipes in order to satisfy all of the customers and earn the well deserved money. The road to a lot of cash is pretty long, though, and it will take a while until the character will be able to sustain a nice revenue and be able to leave the shop for something better in his life. But until then, he will have to prove that he is a good and loyal worker that might deserve a raise, too.

In the beginning, the player will have to take the order of the customer and he will pass it in the back end of the business, in the kitchen. There, he will have to prepare the chicken wings exactly as the player wants - otherwise he will not earn enough money and the customer will not be satisfied. And having customers that have a negative opinion about the small shop is nothing desirable at all, so the player will have to struggle in order to provide the customers with the best food available.

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