Download Papa’s Hot Doggeria

Papa’s Hot Doggeria is a nice game in which you will be able to have some fun as you cook some tasty hot dogs for your customers. This will be really entertaining if you enjoy playing such a game that requires some skills, because the hot dogs will not turn themselves on the grill. Someone has to do this and even if you might not enjoy this basic work, it is the only way to earn money and become a successful seller, because everyone that wants to become a good entrepreneur has to start from the bottom and a hot dog stand is the perfect beginning for someone.

The standard hot dog recipe is not enough, though, and you will be able to experiment in order to discover which is the best for your customers and which will earn you the most money. This is really important, because a business that does not earn profit will not work and nobody will be able to progress in these conditions. The business is run by another person and in the beginning you will be just a simple employee but you will have the opportunity to prove him that you are the best one in his business.

The hot dog cart will also be subject to upgrades, not only the classic recipe that can be changed in order for the customers to enjoy the products at maximum. Some of them will actually tell what they want and this is easier, because they will also throw in a tip that will go into your pocket. The cart can be upgraded in order to allow more hot dogs to be prepared at the same time, for example, and this is not the only thing that can be done, but everything should be discovered by the player.

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