Download Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine is a different kind of a heist game. They say that there’s honor among thieves and the game puts that to test. It includes the twists and turns of any modern crime flick and has managed to create a niche of its own. The arcade styling of the game resembles that of Pac-Man, and yet it manages to stay different from other games of its genre. It is a rewarding game of stealth and much surprisingly, boasts of an interesting story. It is a thoroughly entertaining game, certainly worth the amount that you shell on the same.

In Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, the gamer would get to play through thirty chapters. In here, the gamers would get to burn yachts, help fellow thieves escape from prison, rob banks and much beyond. The game seems to have taken cue from The Usual Suspects, Reservoir Dogs and The Third Man. As you delve deep into the game, you would be assisted by 8 bandits, each of whom possess distinct abilities. Some of them include the Redhead, The Hacker and the Mole. The game has well designed challenges and would certainly keep you occupied for hours together.

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine is quite good when played in the single-player mode, but turns out to be exceptional when people team up. The game brings out the cooperative and competitive part of itself. Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine is nothing spectacular, but manages to woo gamers owing to its simplistic design and vibrant energy. It is minimalistic, yet elegant.

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