Download Marble Legend 2 for PC Windows

Marble Legend 2 for PC Windows is a very simple and addictive game based on the Zuma Style. In the game, your target would be to eliminate a series of marbles within the time limit specified for the level. The method of eliminating the marbles is by creating a continuous line of three or more marbles by adding marble from your shooting source.

Playing mechanism is very simple; you just have to predict the time when you should be shooting the marble and just hit the screen to shoot a marble. To make higher scores, you can make combos and chain eliminations. To make the game even more interesting, there are numerous powerful marbles like the Bomb marble, slow-down marble and arrow marbles and three other marbles. The game offers 6 different scenes to play the game with over 100 levels to be conquered to complete the game. This is a very casual game and can be enjoyed by anyone and at anytime.

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