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Learn to Fly 2 is the sequel to the first game in the series that concentrated on the aspect of teaching a penguin how to fly. This might be considered an impossible task, as penguins cannot fly because their wings are too short, but there is a little specimen that is really interested in doing this and he will do everything that is possible in order to reach for the skies. Considering the fact that he has really short wings that cannot carry him throughout the skies, it will be really difficult for him but he has to find a solution.

The solution will come from different machinery that can be used by the player in order to make the penguin fly, but in the beginning such stuff will be really hard to control because the penguin cannot afford something really good and he will only have to rely on what he already has in terms of flying tools. This stuff is slightly dangerous and the player must do something in order to control the penguin as good as he can in order for it to fly for as much as he can, trying to set a new record.

The best run of the penguin will be kept in the game and the player will have the possibility to set a new record each time he launches the penguin in the air, but as he receives the best flying tools that are available, it will also get really difficult to set a new record and the player will reach a virtual wall that cannot be passed by the penguin, even he has the best machinery available and he can go through the air really fast. The graphics of the game are better than the ones of the first game and overall, they look really good.

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