Happy Wheels

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Happy Wheels is a fun and compelling game with a twisted sense of humor that will enthrall and entertain you at the same time. The controls of the game are very simple and easily accessible from your keyboard. Also, they can be changed depending on your preferences. There are a lot of tasks that you have to complete to get your character to the next levels and towards the end of the game. the tasks will be prompted to you.

There is a lot of variety in the different levels of Happy Wheels, you can race your car and also simply ride around, depending on what you wish to do. The controls are easy and this means that playing the game is relatively easy. However, the challenging bit comes in when each level differs and the tasks are unique and tough to finish. The controls are simple, but it will take a little practice for you to make sure your character moves the way you want it to. In case you face a difficulty and can’t move forward, there will be text displayed on the screen prompting you forward.

The game can be cute and charming, and at the same time gory and terrifying. Although the animation is cartoon-like, the game can be gory. In various levels, your character will travel back in time and there will be a time when other characters will be eaten by dinosaurs. The limbs of the cartoon will be lying there and you will have to drive your vehicle through it. This is nothing drastic or scary, but the game is surely unsuitable for younger kids. The number of levels will keep you entertained for a long time. The dark and twisted humor makes the game very different and fun to play. go for it if you want some variety!