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Handless Millionaire is a really fun game that will definitely challenge the player to take action in order to solve the problem that is everlasting: gaining money. Probably most of the people who read this know about the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire show and how it works: there are a series of questions and the player has to answer each of them correctly in order to advance. If he can do this, he earns money and if he answers all of the questions correctly he will win one million dollars or other currency, depending on the country.

However, this game will not give the player the possibility to earn virtual money because it might be deceiving. However, the game features a much more interesting winning system, in which the player will not only win the money that are at stake, but also his body integrity. This happens because the game features a unique concept in which there is a guillotine involved. The money are on one side of the guillotine, tied in the air by a string, while the player stands on the other side, preparing himself for a fearful challenge.

The player will have to put his hand through the guillotine in order to get the money and the twist is that he never knows when the guillotine will come down. In this process, if he is unlucky, the guillotine will slice one or two of his fingers or even his entire hand, if he is really unlucky. Then, he will be able to use his left hand, which is not as steady as the right one, and if he also loses this one, he will get escorted by the paramedics to the ambulance and he will receive the money that he was able to grab by the time of the end game.

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