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The era of beat em' up is not yet finished because there are still developers interested in taking forwards this genre, even if they launch a full game or a small one that might be designed in Flash. The menu of the game is pretty impressive as it features a lot of different options that the player can choose to explore, ranging from the different game modes that are available for play to the interesting achievements room where the player will have the occasion to see all of the trophies that he was able to earn while in game.

The most interesting aspect of the game is the multiplayer mode that can be easily accessed in a local game. The multiplayer mode allows a player and also a friend of his to compete in a head to head challenge in which the player that knows how to deal with the opponent and is able to destroy his enemy will be the winner. There are a lot of combos that can be used in order to take down the enemy faster and everything will be really interesting, especially when the players manage to properly use these combos for the maximum amount of damage.

There are more characters available if the player wants to change the appearance but they will only be unlockable only after the completion of certain career challenges. There are also three different maps available in order for the player to dispute his fights with the opponents and depending on this matter, the enemies will be really varied and everything will turn out to be really interesting. However, the player should be prepared to take down everyone if he really wants to make a career out of fighting. It will not be easy but a good fighter must be prepared for challenges.

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