Download Fruit Splash Mania for PC Windows

Fruit Splash Mania for PC Windows is an arcade game from the makers of the Bubble Mania and Jewel Mania. This game is built on a similar basic gameplay of a line-drawing puzzle. Keep on matching fruits to get a colossal combo and also a huge bonus for the combos. There are over 120 levels with numerous different types of fruits to play with. The game features five different modes of gameplay, which include the High Score, Fruit Drop and Free The Fruit. The different gameplay in each of the modes allows you to enjoy the game in numerous different ways. You can also enjoy the game with the help of amazing Boosts and power-ups that can let you cruise your way through the puzzle. You can also earn keys by accomplishing the challenges and get a chance to win Gems and more Boosts. If you keep scoring high points, you can also get a chance to feature in the leaderboard.

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