Fruit Ninja for Windows 8

Download Fruit Ninja for Windows 8

Fruit Ninja is an arcade game that is rather simple to play and has the potential to keep you glued to your system for hours together. Fruit Ninja is exactly what its name implies. The game allows you to play the same as a true ninja where you get to slash fruits and collect points. However, make sure that you do not attack the bombs or the game would be over for you. Fruit Ninja is a fun game with a massive appeal among children and grownups alike. The colorful graphics and the simple interface makes it all the more pleasurable.

So what it is all about? Well, if you wish to play a game which is not gory at all and is rather fun to play, then you can surely go for Fruit Ninja. Here, in the game the gamers get to slash their way through fruits and make a name for themselves. The three different game modes, zen, arcade and classic would help you please Master Sensei. As you go up the ladder and unlock new levels, you would get access to new weapons and more variety of backgrounds.

Fruit Ninja was initially available only for mobile phones and tablets. It was meant for iOS devices, Android and Windows based portable devices. However, very recently the developer finally came up with a separate version of Fruit Ninja that is meant for Windows 8 systems. The game is no different from the original Fruit Ninja games and retains all the charm of the same. It is one of those games which does not have much to convey and yet scores big in terms of fun quotient. It hardly has anything as story, and yet manages to impress the gamers. This is what makes Fruit Ninja for Windows 8, all the more a success.