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Fieldrunners 2 is the latest sequel to the game titled Fieldrunners. Though the basic outline of the new version doesn't differ much from the previous one, the art style and the environment is much more impressive in Fieldrunners 2. Unlike the previous version, Fieldrunners 2 includes a finer and much quicker interface for PC’s. The graphics are appealing and the lush ambiance makes it all the more interesting. As a gamer, your agenda is simple – use your turret to cause maximum damage to the Fieldrunners and slow them down.

Fieldrunners 2 is different from its predecessor in terms of strategy. As you delve deep into the game, the difficulty increases and so heightens the need for proper planning. The visuals are spectacular and the screen looks vibrant because of the superior graphics at play. Fieldrunners 2 is a wonderful mixture of humor and adventure. The game comes replete with action and includes some serious puzzle solving. The characters in the game are well designed and further add to the exciting experience. It is a good entertaining game which would impress the gamers owing to its well conceived gameplay and equally amazing execution.

Fieldrunners 2 is really a smooth game, pretty comfortable to play on your PC. The game may seem much like Team Fortress 2, but in reality it is much more bright and appealing than the latter. Experts agree that Fieldrunners 2 is not the toughest tower defense games around, but it would surely make you fight for your win. The PC version of Fieldrunners 2 costs a little more than the iOS version and is generally meant for portable devices than the giant monitor PC’s. Although the game may seem like an ordinary tower defense game, yet, few such games can actually match the hardcore gameplay of Fieldrunners 2. It is a game with a difference and is worth every penny that you shell on the same.

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