Download Earn to Die 2012

Earn to Die 2012 is the newest version of the Earn to Die game series and it is really entertaining to be played.The game is designed in Flash and it looks really nice - the developers did a good job when it comes to the graphics and they are quite nice, especially when it comes to the textures. However, the game is two dimensional but this should not bother anyone as it is still really great to be played in order to complete all of the levels that are featured and they are really nice.

The game will require the player to kill zombies - yes, it is a very used concept in gaming but every game features a unique concept in which everything is added in order to create a great experience and this game makes no exception. The player will have to drive a fast car but unfortunately, this car will not be enough to beat through the army of zombies that want to eat every living human. So the player will need a new vehicle, a reinforced one that can smash through the living dead in order to reach for the end of the road which will bring the save.

The end of the road will bring the save for the main character because there is a helicopter there and this will take him far from the zombie infested area that he definitely cannot clear on his own. However, until reaching the helicopter there are a lot of other difficulties that will appear and everything will have to be taken care of in order to reach for the end of the "tracks." There are a lot of different things that can be found along the way and many of them are really useful, especially if the driven vehicle is the most powerful one.

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