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DuckLife is the first game in the series and the player should start with this one in order to have more fun while completing the whole series of Flash games that have ducks as the main characters. The story of this first game will allow the player to understand how did the ducks in the next games manage to achieve a high degree of sportiness. They were all trained by only one duck that seems to have been a chosen one, because it managed to escape from a great disaster and it was then trained to become a winner.

The duck was owned by a farmer and one day, the man found himself in great trouble because a fire started and the firefighters did not have the possibility to save anything at all. The farmer had a lot of problems afterwards but he managed to find a duck that was still alive. It was the only thing that survived from the fire and the farmer had a great idea. He would start to train the duck so he will be able to get it in different challenges and earn money in order to rebuild the farm that he had.

The duck learns fast and it has the possibility to upgrade different skills in order to become better at certain skills. However, the duck can also eat special seeds that will appear once in a while and these seeds will allow the duck to increase the skills faster than normally. There are a lot of different races in the game and the duck has to get through all of them in order to earn enough money for the  farmer so he could rebuild the farm that he once had. The farmer is really proud of his duck and it should not disappoint him.

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