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DuckLife 3: Evolution is the last but not the least game in the DuckLife series. This new game will continue the saga of adventures that was started in the first game and continued throughout the second one. Overall, it will not be too hard to get used to the story and the game itself even if you did not play through the first two games. However, it would be advisable to also play the first two games in order to find out what happened with the ducks and also discover more information about their lives and their goals.

This game will allow the player to evolve his ducks in order to make them powerful and this will be mandatory if the player wants to actually have good standings when competing in the final challenges of the game. In the beginning, there will be a lot of small challenges that the player can get through in order to gain experience, a mandatory element that will allow him to raise different skills of the duck, skills that will be really useful in the challenges of the game. Then, when the player feels that he is prepared, he can start the final challenges.

There are three sets of challenges in the finals and they will be unlockable in order. In the beginning, the first one will be the one available and if the player manages to win, he will be eligible to enter the second race. The last one will be the most challenging and the player will have the possibility to use the maximum amount of upgrades up to the moment in order to win. The ducks are all interesting and the players have the possibility to choose one of them in order to win the game

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