Download Bombermaaan

Bombermaaan is the upgraded and enhanced version of the classic Bomberman game. For those of you who have played and loved Bomberman, Bombermaaan will prove to be just what you need to relive the magic of the classic game Bomberman. What proves to be the advantage of Bombermaaan is that the game retains all the basic features of the game Bomberman; the graphics, the sound effects, the gameplay and also the title of the original game, making this a very cool game to play for the old fans.

Bombermaaan is still this miniature character who is trapped in a maze made of bricks, he drops off bombs to break the bricks and make his wat through the maze to clear away the baddies that aim at killing him. There are a lot of power-ups all along the game that give you enhanced skills to get through the game. as you move along the levels, you will acquire more power, extra bombs, a remote control for the bombs, higher speed and much more.

The game supports multi-player that can be played with 5 players using different joysticks or the keyboard. The controls of the game are explained in the options menu. This version of the game only has 8 levels. However, the upside of the game is that you can download another pack with 150 levels from the website of the developer. If you are a seasoned player then you will find this game very dated. However, since all the original features are retained in the game, this makes the game very fun to play for the fans of Bomberman. You can also customize the layout of the keyboard depending upon your preference. The graphics and the sound effects are bound to make you nostalgic. The only downside to the game is that there are only 8 levels in Bombermaaan.