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The original game of Angry Birds is one of the most popular games ever launched for mobile platforms and it gained a lot of terrain on the computers, too, after its launch. There has been a lot of marketing done for the game and a lot of people have downloaded and played it, making it extremely powerful. There have been official sequels of the original game and there were also created a lot of fan made games that share the same concept with the original. And even if they might not be as popular as that one, they are still really great to be played.

Angry Animals is one of the games that are not popular but it is a great game that deserves a play through. The aim of the game is the same like in the Angry Birds game. The player will have to launch animals towards certain structures in order to destroy the enemies that are hiding there. And if the first couple of levels are pretty easy to get through, the next ones will be fairly difficult and they will provide a real challenge for players, even if they might be skilled with the concept of the game.

This game features eighteen levels and probably the developers will launch another one in the future. The game is designed in Flash and it runs really smooth on the computer, making it playable by everyone that wants to kill some time in a nice and simple arcade way. The game play is similar to Angry Birds but we would be too harsh to name it a copy. However, the developers must be credited with the effort that was done in order to create this, even if the concept is not an original one, like it happens in other games.

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