Download 29 Card Game for PC Windows

29 Card Game for PC Windows brings a very interesting card game onto your PC for you to play and enjoy. This is a game based on the Jass card game. This is a game about coordination with your partner, ability to calculate and predict the moves of your opponents and making the right bid that you can win and preventing the opponents from making up to their bids.

This game is played on French suit with the rank of playing cards being in the order J, 9, A, 10, K, Q, 8 and 7 and the rest of the cards being sidelined. The top four cards are assigned values of 3pts, 2pts and 1pts for the two remaining cards. You need to make a proper bid about the points that you can collect by playing the tricks and if you succeed, you get a positive point and if you lose, you get a negative. It is a very simple and easy to learn game, but equally challenging and tough to play.

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